Bringing a New Hope to Cancer Patients

Genoscience Pharma is a French biotech company developing unique small molecules in Oncology. This is the first clinical stage company ever with unique lysosomotropic agents assessed in a global clinical trial.


To reshape the common way of thinking to fight against cancer and to innovate for creating new approaches.





To think and design new chemical entities following a simple but efficient approach : preventing cancer cells from self-renewal by destroying its lysosomal compartment. We take advantage of our understanding of the underlying biological processes to provide alternative treatment approaches.


To develop promising drug candidates from scratch through the long and complex process of pharmaceutical product development. Our drug candidates are developed in a rapid and cost-efficient way, in compliance with regulatory requirements.


To listen to needs of patients and clinicians to provide new tools and alternatives to treat patients. To improve the therapeutic offer for patients suffering from life-threatening disease with no longer option.



To build strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders, clinical investigators, academic and industry partners to ensure a successful drug development and access the market for patients to benefit eventually from our advances. To pursue commercialization and / or develop partnerships when and where appropriate.


To improve outcomes in patients with unmet medical healthcare needs and to increase duration of life.