Genoscience Pharma Approach

One of the fundamental challenges in cancer treatment is cancer resistance and relapse. A reason for this acquired resistance may be the presence of small minority of cells in the tumor called cancer stem cells (CSC). Most current anti-cancer chemotherapeutics primarily target either differentiated or proliferating cancer cells, and concretively, will not be effective against CSCs. Unlike most cells within the tumor, and after treatment, they can regenerate all the cell type in the tumor through their stem cell-like behavior. For this reason, innovative treatment which could tackle CSCs offer great promise for cancer treatment and prevention of relapse in cancer patients.

Our Every Day Commitment

Our strategy is to improve cancer treatment by discovering and developing new agents such as GNS561 with an innovative and original mechanism of action. Our goal is to provide new therapeutic options to patients with no alternative.

Cancer stem cells were initially discovered in leukemia and then in breast cancer, but these cells have been also identified in many other types of tumors, such as cancer of colon, liver and skin. Our drugs target cancer stem cell and have the potential to be developed against a range of tumor types.

Approach and Technology

GNS561 uses an original mechanism of action (MoA) never used before, neither in commercialized cancer treatments nor in the pipeline of anti-cancer drugs, based on Zinc Transporter modulation including cancer stem cells (CSCs).

Genoscience Pharma’s positioning : New First-In-Class with new mechanism of action (MoA)

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