Philippe Halfon

President and Founder

Pr Philippe Halfon (MD, PhD) has created many biotech companies. Today President and Founder of Alphabio, and the Head of Internal Medecine at the European Hospital, in Marseille, he has a deep experience in infectious diseases, especially in HCV, HBV and HIV, and in liver diseases. As a renowned physician in HCV, he uses his expertise as a founder to lead Genoscience Pharma since its creation in 2001.

Chalom Sayada


Chalom Sayada (MD, PhD) is the Co-founder and CEO of Advanced Biological Laboratories SA. He previously served as CEO of Sequoia Pharmaceuticals Inc (2004), President and CEO of ActivBiotics Inc. (2000-2003), Vice President at Visible Genetics (1998-2000),. Chalom has an extensive experience gained from his positions in early and clinical development at pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies in the United States and in Europe.

Jean-Marc Feryn


Jean-Marc Feryn (PharmD) is the founder of several biotechnology companies focusing on antiviral drug discovery and development, including ACTgene, Alphabio, and Genoscience Pharma. He completed training in Pharmacy and Biology. Dr Feryn is currently the CEO of Alphabio laboratories, a big central laboratory located in Marseille, which has been involved in hospitals care and R&D developments since 1990.