Philippe Halfon,  MD, PharmD, PhD, President and founder

Dr Halfon is the founder of several biotechnology companies focusing on antiviral drug discovery and development, including ACTgene, Alphabio, and GenosciencePharma.  He completed a training in Oncogenetic and continue to have a consultation in oncogenetic and infectious Diseases in the European Hospital. He was recently  appointed as Associate Professor in Paris Medical college.



Eric Raymond ,MD, PhD, CMO

Head and initiator of the Medical Oncology service for 10 years in Beaujon, Clichy, France and head of the Medical Oncology service for 2 years in CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland. In both cases, oncological activites account for about 500 new patients/year, oncology being integrated to develop care in harmony with organ specialists, internal medicine, emergency care units, imaging services, biology, and pathology in the frame of multidisciplinary university hospitals.


Firas Bassissi, DVM, PhD, CSO

Dr Bassissi has over 10 years of experience in Research and development. Ph.D in Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology by training. He successfully managed numerous pharmaceutical projects from discovery to clinic phase III in various therapeutic areas at Abbott, Trophos and Avogadro Before joining Genoscience Pharma in 2012, he was DMPK Team Leader in Abbott France. He was strongly involved in research  and development team for drug candidate optimization, PK/PD analyses, regulatory preclinical package defining and therapeutic dose projection in preclinical and clinical phases.


Cyrille Drouot, PhD, CMC Director

Cyrille Drouot has 17 years of experience in Chemical Manufacturing and Control through new chemical entities developments (Trophos – Olesoxime; Nicox - Naproxcinod) associated with successful clinical trials and IND/IMPD, NDA submissions. Then C. Drouot joined Minakem, one of the European CMO leaders, during  4 years as Quality and Regulatory Director, he managed CEP and DMF submissions of APIs  and quality strategy, over the 3 manufacturing sites (FDA approved). C. Drouot holds a PhD in Chemistry from Montpellier’s University.




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